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Wichita Legacy, LLC  volleyball club . Wichita, KS

Building Champions. Building Character

Wichita Legacy Volleyball Club is committed to total player development, mental toughness and personal growth.

Our knowledgeable and ethical coaching staff uses a rational and straightforward approach to develop competitive teams and strong players, preparing them for the next level of their volleyball careers. The staff is hand chosen for their experience and dynamic coaching styles. Practices are fast-paced and mimic game situations.

Small enough to give each team and player the time and attention they need. Big enough for everything you want. See what we expect from our players, parents and coaches here.

Contact Elaine Robinson,, with questions or fill out the contact us form below. 

Parent/Player/Coach Meeting: Nov. 6

During the parent/player/coaches meeting, coaches will present a proposed tournament schedule, along with alternative tournaments, and parents and players will have a chance to give input. We will also try on uniform and apparel options and take care of paperwork. The necessary documents have been emailed to parents, and can be found under the Resources tab. We will also have copies at the meeting.

What to Expect: Fees

Wichita Legacy, LLC is different than many of the larger clubs. Two of the main reasons for its existence is to provide a reasonable and rational option in terms of both finances and time commitment, and to support multi-sport athletes. 

We only charge what it costs to run the team. Therefore, the exact price is not known until the tournaments are picked and teams are selected. All costs are divided by number of players on the team. Most teams have 9-10 players, which allows for a reasonable sharing of expenses, but keeps the team small enough that players get more playing time. 

Below is an APPROXIMATION of what to expect for each age group for the 2022-23 season. Premier teams will travel more and go to larger tournaments, and therefore, have a higher cost. 






15s premier:



17s premier:


18s premier:












Venmo Payments

Season fee payments, summer clinics, open gyms and tryout fees can be made through Venmo, @Wichita-Legacy-VB. Scan the code at the right to make a payment. Please include specifics in the description section. 

If needed the last four digits of the account's phone number are 1856. 

Individual Sessions

For one-on-one training, please contact club director Elaine Robinson at or 316-650-1856.

Online Reffing & Scoring Clinics

The Online officiating clinics are now available for coaches and players. All coaches and players need to complete the clinics. Modules start with a Quiz. If you can pass the Quiz, you will not have to review that module.

To get to the USAV academy to take your clinics, first log in to your accoun

  • Click HERE and login to your SportsEngine account (If a junior athlete, login using parent/guardian/account owner credentials)
  • Click on Household, then click "View Profile" on the tile with your name
  • Click "View Details" on the USA Volleyball Region membership or NTDP Academy subscription, then click the USAV Academy button
  • *TIP* Bookmark the page with the USAV Academy button in your browser - when you return, one click, sign-in and you're there!

Check out our teams!

Click HERE to go to the Photos tab to see our teams in action. Click HERE to see each team's schedule. Click within the schedule for upcoming tournament schedules and for results post-tournament. 

Our older athletes are also on FIELD LEVEL, a recruiting program. Connect with our athletes there. 

Recruitment Policy

An outline of HOA's Recruitment Policy is below (from an HOA email April 21) :

1. There is to be no discussion, with any club, about future opportunities to play club ball, during the season.

2. Once the season for a team/player is finished, the club the player is registered with for the current season, is allowed to discuss future options with the player/parents.

3. Nobody can discuss future options with clubs, other than they are registered with, until July 9 when the recruitment period starts.

4. Clubs are allowed to start making offers on July 9. Nobody can sign any agreements or pay any deposits until July 15. 

5. Parents need to report violations if clubs approach them or their kid about next season. To report any violations, go to the HOA website. Under the Junior Girls & Boys tab, you can find the Recruitment Violation Report Form.

Click HERE for the full recruitment policy.

How does recruitment work for current Legacy players?

In accordance with the HOA recruitment policy, our club will begin discussions with our current players about the next club season once their club seasons have finished, often in April or May. 

Each player will get a Return Offer/Commitment Form in the mail with which team we are offering them for the next club season. We will ask for a reply prior to summer tryouts, so we know what to expect and how many of our players want to return, but commitments will not become valid until after summer tryouts at the beginning of July. 

If a player says they definitely want to be a part of our team the following club season, their spot will be guaranteed. However, their attendance and participation in tryouts is still required. Many new players wish to see who they will be playing with, and we'll need to see how new players fit in with current players. Some teams will also be deciding which level of team our current players will be placed on, especially if the number of teams in that age group is expanding.  

Training Opportunity

Yusef Dibbles, "Coach Dibbs" runs personal training programs at Calvary Fellowship Church called CoachDibbs Fit, where some of the older teams practice. He is offering a volleyball-specific training program for our players. The program includes weight training and strength conditioning to improve players' explosiveness, strength, endurance, power, agility and confidence. This program is OPTIONAL. Click HERE for his website. Call or text 316-616-UWIN (8946) to sign up or for more information. 

Contact us:

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Come see what makes us different! Click HERE to learn more about our coaches and our philosophy. 

Small enough to give each team and player the time and attention they need. Big enough for everything you want. 

Congratulations Corner

Congrats to 16-1s team for winning its tournament March 13. Congratulations also to the 17-2s and 14-1s for placing 2nd in their tournaments March 12. 

Congratulations to the 17-2s for winning their tournament in Abilene March 6; and for the 17-1s for finishing with a silver division championship after a rough start to their day in Lawrence March 6. 

Congrats to all of our teams for their successes this past weekend. Most played in the Keeper of the Plains; the 12-1s placed 3rd; the 13-1s, 5th; the 17-1s, 8th; and 17-2s, 9th. The 15-2s also placed first in their division in the Forum Volley Frenzy. 

Congratulations to the 14-1s who won their tournament in Lawrence Feb. 19. The 14-2s also placed first in the silver division. The 18-1s, 12-1s and the 16-1s placed third in their respective tournaments as well. 

Congratulations to all of our teams that medaled Feb. 12-13. The 15-2s and 13-1s placed 2nd and the 11-1s placed 3rd. The 15-1s also placed 10th out of 30 teams in the Shell Price tournament.  

Congrats to the 16-1s team who placed 2nd (out of 12 teams) in the Salthawk Spiketacular Feb. 5. 

The 13-2s also placed 2nd (out of 8 teams), and the 14-2s placed 3rd (out of 15 teams). Good work! 

Congratulations to the 18-1s and the 17-1s who finished first and second in the KMC Classic 18s division Jan. 30. 
The 12-1s won their second tournament of the season, going a perfect 12-0 for the day.

The 14-1s and the 14-2s also placed 2nd and 3rd in the 14s division of the KMC Classic Jan. 30.  

The 13-1s placed 2nd, and the 15-1s, 15-2s, 16-2s placed third in their respective tournaments to round out January. 

Congratulations to the 15-1s and the 14-2s team who placed first in the silver division at their tournaments Jan. 22-23.

Also, 13-2s and 11-1s placed 2nd, and 13-1s and 18-1s placed 3rd in their tournaments Jan. 22-23.

Congrats to the 11-1s team who won its first tournament ever at the Sports Forum Jan. 16. 

Congrats to the 16-1s team who placed first in its tournament in Andover March 13. 

Congratulations to the 17-1s team who finished the premier regionals tournament 10-7, taking wins from the several Top 10 teams, and finishing 12 spots higher than originally seeded. The team showed immense heart, winning two sets 30-28 and 31-29, and finished with more than 150 kills, approximately 325 digs and 27 aces. The team lost in the championship match of the silver bracket 23-25, 23-25.

Congrats also to the 16-1s and 16-2s team who both placed second in their pools at select regionals March 18. Both teams lost in the first round of bracket play, finishing tied for 9th, out of 30 teams.

Congrats to the 14-1s team who ended its season with a second-place finish at select regionals March 27. They won 7 straight matches, but lost in the gold championship. Great way to end! 

Congratulations to the 15-1s team who finished 9th, out of 50 teams at the select regionals April 3. The team put in some serious work and made a lot of progress throughout the season.